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System Messages Overview

OwnerRez has a robust built-in system of message templates for routine situations, like payment receipts, payment requests, quotes, date changes, and many other things. These work similarly to the Email Templates and Triggers you can create yourself and are sent automatically. 

It can be confusing, but it's helpful to know that only System messages are automatic OwnerRez email messages that are sent based on events, such as bookings, guest payment reminders, blocked-off time, when Renter Agreements are signed, cancellations, etc.

This video covers the most common system messages automatically sent to guests during the booking process:

The following topics are covered in this support article.

Customizing System Messages

System messages are found under Settings > Messaging > System Messages. System Messages email messages that are intentionally designed to be fairly generic, and some OwnerRez users simply leave them as they are.

Users could choose to edit or customize those System Messages and use triggers to send their edited System Message at a specific time in place of the default System Message.

Users are encouraged to review their own System Messages to determine whether they want to leave them as is or edit/customize these system email messages through the use of additional field codes or personalization.

  • To edit the default system message with a customized message template, click the Action dropdown button next to the message and select Change Message
Change System Message
  • This will open an email template editing window, pre-populated with the default system message that users can edit, preview and save.  Be sure to Save. Your saved changes will be stored as a custom Email Template and will be used for that system message in place of the default message.
Change System Message
  • Customized email message templates created by OwnerRez users will only be sent automatically if the email message template has a corresponding trigger set.
  • Individual messages can be turned off by clicking the Action dropdown button next to the System Message, and choosing Turn Off

Turn off System Message

  • System Messages that have been turned off will not be sent but can be turned back on again via the Action dropdown button.

Automatically Sent vs. Manually Sent

  • These system messages are frequently sent because they go out for all direct bookings, and Vrbo API reservations, at the time of booking.
    • Booking - Send Confirmation to Guest - Used with Direct Bookings and reservations made via the Vrbo API. 
    • Lease - Send Archive Copy to Guest - Sent to the guest when a Renter Agreement is signed. 
    • Payment - Send Receipt to Guest - Sent whenever a Direct Booking or Vrbo API guest makes a credit card or PayPal payment
  • This system message is also frequently sent if you are not using automatically scheduled payments via credit card.
    • Booking - Send Payment Reminder to Guest - Sent to guests when a payment is due but there is no valid credit card on file. 
      (This does not apply to bookings through sites such as Airbnb where the channel is collecting all payments.)
  • This system message is sent if you have security deposit holds enabled but don't have a scheduled card on file for that booking:
    • Booking - Send Security Deposit Reminder to Guest - Used for guests when their Security Deposit is due but they do not have a credit card on file.
  • Some system messages are infrequent and only sent in certain rare circumstances.
    • Booking - Send Property Changed to Guest
    • Booking - Send Dates Changed to Guest
    • Booking - Send Cancellation Notification to Guest
      (These three are only automatically sent if there is an API integration with a channel that notifies us when a booking has changed properties or was canceled. That's a pretty rare thing, but could happen depending on the booking and channel integration.)
  • These system messages are never automatically sent under any circumstance:
    • Booking - Send Payment Request Form to Guest
    • Booking - Send Review Form to Guest
    • Booking - Send Security Deposit Request Form to Guest
    • Booking - Send Travel Insurance Form to Guest
    • Booking - Send Booking Clean-Up Form to Guest
    • Refund - Send Receipt to Guest Refund - Send Void Receipt to Guest

They are presented to you as an option in response to an action you take. For instance, if you needed to collect additional funds from a guest who does not have a credit card on file, you would select "Email" from the menu in the booking, then select "Compose New Email" from the bottom of the screen, then choose "Switch To Template". You'll be given a list of system messages, from which you'd most likely pick "Send Payment Request Form to Guest."  You can then send the system message as-is, or modify it before sending.

  • A number of System Messages are never sent automatically to Airbnb guests because they don't apply, including the following.
    • Booking - Send Confirmation to Guest.
    • All system messages relating to Payments. This is because Airbnb guests don't pay via OwnerRez, they pay Airbnb, so collecting their money is out of our hands.
  • There are also two built-in system messages that are automatically sent if a payment or security deposit is scheduled and fails to process (credit card is declined).
    • Scheduled payment failure
    • Scheduled security deposit failure