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Change Log

Update May 8, 2024


  • Upgrade bnbfinder to be fully bookable/integrated channel
  • Show property in SMS and channel message received alerts when possible
  • Show error on LQA for GVR surcharges with positions set
  • Improvements to Airbnb listing discount and new listing status displays
  • Fix premature PM lock on bookings with refundable damage deposit (RDD)
  • Fix "tomorrow" incorrectly displaying for certain time zones
  • Fix Schlage error populating '0000' code
  • Handle property import lookup timeouts
  • Handle case where Lynnbrook reversal doesn't have a description
  • Add back SMS status column on communication history grid
  • Handle Airbnb international phone number import when missing '+' prefix
  • Fix Airbnb deposit handling where host fee VAT amount changed and increased
  • Fix crashing when pushing many year old photos to Airbnb
  • Channel Bridge
    • Fix Vrbo Channel Bridge including API bookings
    • Add info text to Vrbo Channel Bridge for API-connected accounts
    • Support additional phone field on Vrbo Channel Bridge import