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Enabling OwnerRez email or push Alert notifications ensures timely communication and keeps you informed about important booking updates or messages without the need for constant manual checking in-app or in your email inbox. This proactive approach ensures that you stay connected across all your devices for your vacation rental business, boosting productivity in today's digital environment.

If you haven't yet read the Alerts Overview support article, be sure to do that first. 

You have the option to set up alerts for your account for your Staff or Staff or Team Access members (if they are granted access to them) either when you send the initial invitation or by editing their alerts at a later time.

Alerts are notifications that the OwnerRez system sends either via a system email and/or the OwnerRez Progressive Web App (PWA) mobile notifications via your browser.

Users can have access to more than one account, and Alerts configured are tied to specific users, not the account.

Users can get to their Team Access area by navigating to the left sidebar menu > Team Access

OwnerRez left sidebar menu > Team Access

Account users can grant access or "allow" Staff Team members to recieve Alerts at the time of invitation.

Team Access Alert Options

Or, you can modify the team access permissions of existing Staff members to grant access or "allow" them to receive Alerts.

Modify Team Access Alerts

Account users can turn on Staff Team member alerts for individual Staff Team members but cannot customize which alerts are sent; only Staff Team members themselves can customize their Alerts.

NOTE: If the user is a Portal user and only a Portal user, they will not have Alerts in their Profile menu, as Alerts do not pertain to them as a Portal user.