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Change Log

Update May 15, 2024


  • Allow Channel Bridge to update guest info if Airbnb Transaction Sync is enabled
  • Block Vrbo integration if no properties are mapped
  • Case-insensitive match guest names when merging Vrbo threads
  • Fix "Automatic payments applied" email being sent when confirming pending bookings
  • Fix incorrect lock count on user invoice if lock is deleted
  • Optimize new messaging API
  • Add metadata to new messaging API
  • Fix Portal Invite radio button selectability
  • Sidebar layout updates
  • Update API for duplicate key constraints to produce 4xx errors instead of 5xx
  • Update Guest Forms to support hours or days wording based on pending booking length
  • Remove UA and add property share GA override
  • Fix delay in phone number formatting issue on guest forms
  • Clarify Channel Sync Status popover content
  • Allow unprocessed Scheduled Payment delete even if PM locked
  • Prevent Bulk PM lock from locking bookings with unprocessed scheduled payments
  • Add tracking for trigger not sending reason