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Owner Statements Overview

Issuing professional, timely owner statements that display revenue and expenses is an essential aspect of your property management business. OwnerRez can help you easily generate monthly branded Owner Statements!

Owner Statements

The easiest way to start owner statements and payouts from scratch is to issue one statement per owner and the corresponding payouts one day prior to the date you want to begin sending Owner Statements, such as the last day of the month prior to sending your first Owner Statement. This essentially creates a "baseline" so that the OwnerRez system thinks each owner is paid through the end of the month.

OwnerRez includes a default email Owner Statement template that users can edit. To view the default Owner Statement Template, navigate to PM > Statements & Payouts > Owner Statements > + Create Owner Statement > select the owner from the Owner dropdown menu > choose a date from the Statement Date field > and click the "Preview Only" button. This will show you what the statement will look like when you go to create one (before it's actually created).  When you're ready to generate the statement you'd click the "Create" button instead of Preview.


Customize your Owner Statements

Want to customize your Owner Statements to reflect your property management company's "brand?" Use OwnerRez "themes" to customize the header or footer of your owner statements. 

To create a new Theme, navigate to Settings > Branding & Legal > Theming > + Create Theme > Owner Statements > Change. If you want to edit a current Theme, navigate to your current Theme (Settings > Branding & Legal > Theming > your current Theme > Owner Statements > Change.).

At the bottom of the Theming page, the Owner Statements header/footer sections appear.

You can edit those sections to display whatever you want, add a logo, etc.  You can also use field codes to make them dynamic to the owner or date. For instance, you could make the top of each statement show your logo, the owner's name, and the statement month and year, like: "Statement for Jane Doe for Month 20XX". You would enter the below in the edit screen and format it to have the font, size, etc., that you want.

ShenRent logo
Owner Statement for {ONAME}

Then, click Save and go to the PM module area and view an existing, or create, an Owner Statement (then to preview, use the Print Statement button). The above statement looks like this: