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Spot Rates

OwnerRez offers a powerful, flexible dynamic rates system using Seasons and Seasonal Rates, discussed in the Rates & Seasons Overview.  However, because of its flexibility, it's also pretty complicated and can require a good deal of time and testing to get right.

To get around this complexity, we offer another way to set rates: Spot Rates.  The Spot Rates system is as simple as the Seasons and Seasonal Rates are complex: It's a simple list, where you can change rates for each individual night for each property.

Spot Rates

What does using the Rates Calendar actually do?  It creates entries in the Spot Rates table, one for each date for each property set.  You can see this complete list under Settings > Spot Rates.  Note that, since each individual night/property combination gets its own entry, so there can be hundreds or thousands of entries in this table.  It's usually best to use the Filter button to narrow down the results by property and/or date range.

Users have a lot of flexibility in the Spot Rates tab. Note that users can create Seasons or Special Events both in the Seasonal Rates tab and the Spot Rates tab.

The Spot Rates tab displays users' rates in a table view as shown below. The columns (with a green header) include the Property column with additional columns detailing the Date, rates Amount, Minimum Nights rule, Maximum Nights rule, Arrival, Departure, and Gap Rules information for each property in a table view in alphabetical order. 

Users can toggle the top of each column to display the information in ascending or descending order.

Spot Rates Tab

For more detail, see the Rates Calendar support article.

Import and Export Spot Rates

While the Rates Calendar offers a convenient way to view and edit Spot Rates, it can be time-consuming if you have many properties.  OwnerRez offers several different ways to import and export Spot Rates:

  • If you are using PriceLabs to dynamically set rates, these rates appear in OwnerRez as Spot Rates.  PriceLabs will come in and alter the Spot Rates entries following its own algorithm, overwriting any changes you may make to them.
  • Channel Bridge can import Spot Rates that have been set in Airbnb, using the "Import from Channel" button at the top of the main Spot Rates list screen.  This function will import all Spot Rates found in the channel, which can go out as far as two years.
  • You can also prepare a list of Spot Rates in Excel using our template, and import that to OwnerRez.

Import and Export Spot Rates

Clear Spot Rates

See the Clear Spot Rates section of the Rates Calendar support article for instructions.


  • There can only ever be one spot rate for any given date/property combination.  Therefore, any changes that are made to a date/property Spot Rates by any of the various methods to set Spot Rates, will override any previously set Spot Rates for that same date/property.

  • Spot Rates always override any Seasonal Rates that might otherwise be applicable.